Slot Overview: Crown of Fire

Just close your eyes and let the phrase “Crown of Fire” percolate in your mind for a while. Okay, so what mental picture did you conjure up when you heard the phrase? Scenes from a fantastical world, where grizzled warriors wear flaming crowns and ride dragons through Middle Earth-like landscapes to defeat their enemies? If that’s the case, you need to forget about it right now. Pragmatic Play’s Crown of Fire slot machine is not any of these things. Instead, it’s a boring game that’s short on virtually everything.

Crown of flames’s lack of actual flames is one of the novel’s more peculiar aspects. Unlike Pragmatic Play and partners’ Hot to Burn and Shining Hot series of games, Crown of Fire does not heavily include fire effects. Pragmatic Play, on the other hand, has constructed a simple brick wall for the backdrop and paired it with a backing track that sounds like Ross Gellar on the keyboard at Central Perk, ‘Electrifying. There is no end to time. The symbols are the standard fare of slot machines, with the addition of flames to ring the bell and scatter. And with that, we’re done. This is hardly riveting reading. Crown of Fire is an extreme example of a basic fruit slot, which are typically simple things.

You may play Crown of Fire on any device for as little as 10 pence per spin all the way up to £/€100 per spin. The highest RTP under the default model is 96.36%, making it extremely risky; under alternate models, the RTP drops to 95.34% or 94.21%. The reels spin in a three-by-five grid, and there are ten paylines across which players may hit three to five matching symbols in hopes of a payout.

The pay symbols range from plums and oranges to cherries and bells to watermelon slices and grapes and sevens. A payout of 10x to 450x the wager is possible when five of these symbols appear in a winning combination.

Slot Features in “Crown of Fire”

The excitement of Crown of Fire comes from three extra symbols rather than the game’s few features. The dollar sign appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, and is one of the symbols. If the dollar symbol appears on all three reels, the player receives a reward equal to 20 times their wager. Then, all five reels might be affected by the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols pay out for 3, 4, or 5 appearing anywhere on the reels at 3x, 25x, or 100x the wager, respectively. Finally, reels 2, 3, and 4 are home to the wild crown symbol. When a reel is hit by a wild, it expands to fill the entire reel in order to create a winning combination.

Slot Game Awarding a “Crown of Fire”

How should we evaluate Crown of Fire then? Pragmatic Play’s Crown of Fire is so unremarkable that one has to question if it was an experiment to test how soulless AI might create a casino game, if the company desperately required a slot, any slot, to fulfill a production quota, or if the developers just didn’t care. Crown of Fire is so dull that I had more fun trying to figure out how and why it came into being than I did actually playing it. Since there is almost nothing here that isn’t available elsewhere, there wasn’t exactly a void in the iGaming world that needed to be filled by Crown of Fire. Whatever, throw it on top of the others.

Crown of Fire’s mechanics and visuals are both dull. Bonus symbols like the scatter and the dollar sign are available, and expanding wilds can assist boost your winnings. If it piques your interest, then look no further than Crown of Fire. If not, I wouldn’t expect you to change your view after giving the game a try. The maximum payout is also very standard at 1,000 times the wager. The maximum payout odds of 1 in 11,210,000 aren’t very impressive compared to the odds offered by other slots recently produced by Pragmatic Play, some of which have even higher potential.

Players who are looking for a throwback experience could like Crown of Fire for a time, but it’s hard to imagine the game keeping their attention for long. Maybe some people will want to dust out their copies of Crown of Fire and play them again. Since the boring brick background, the Nokia 3310 ringtone-like soundtrack, the sleepy tempo, and the snore-inducing ‘action’ don’t appear to have much going for them, it feels like we’re grabbing at straws.






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